How to Write a Non Plagiarized Term Paper

A non plagiarized term paper, essay, or research paper is a succinctly written, organized paper of reasonable length in which one researches, analyzes, deduces, and makes conclusions using the facts and judgments made by other individuals.

A non plagiarized term paper, thesis, thesis proposal, dissertation calls a student to gather information from a number of sources (i.e. paid or free online libraries, encyclopedias and dictionaries, online books such as Google books, scholarly journals, trusted newspapers, and printed books), putting information in logically organized ideas afterwards.

One identifies nine steps in writing non plagiarized term paper, essay, research paper, research proposals which are analyzed below using brief examples.

Step 1: Choose a Subject or consult reliable custom non plagiarized term paper writing service
Step 2: Narrow the Theme into a Relevant Subject
Step 3: Name the Objective
Step 4: Create an Opening Bibliography
Step 5: Write a Tentative Working Outline
Step 6: Make Notes
Step 7: Gather a Final Outline
Step 8: Make a Draft
Step 10: Prepare Final Draft


To choose a theme for a non plagiarized term paper, coursework, or book review, students need to address the following questions. HINT: select a reliable non plagiarized term paper writing service if you can not choose a proper subject for your non plagiarized term paper.

  • Does the subject interest me?
  • Is the theme relevant to my class?
  • Is the theme too broad or too limited by scope?
  • Can the subject be organized in terms of length and deadline for writing a term paper or an essay?
  • Is the theme sufficiently addressed in Google books, journal articles, or newspapers such as WSJ? If a student answers YES to the above questions, he or she should proceed with writing a non plagiarized term paper.

REMEMBER: Always select a subject you like in and will enjoy analyzing.

Sometimes, your professor may let you select from a list of recommended subjects. If there’s no choice and the topic has been given by a professor, make sure you understand the requirements on the profound level. Your professor is most likely to criticize your choice of a non plagiarized term paper writing service, but it is up to you to decide to write a term paper yourself or use the help of a custom essay writing service. If you don’t understand your topic, ask your professor to explain the subject.

MAKE SURE that you select a topic that can be narrowed down and is easy to understand; a topic that can be organized in terms of length is recommended for your non plagiarized term paper, admission essay, scholarship essay, personal statement, or case study. A topic such as “Literature” may be too broad to analyze, while the subject “Development of Russian Literature in the 19-th Century in Far East” is so narrow that a student would likely to find sufficient material to write just a page or two.


STEP 1: Choose a Subject

Let’s imagine your professor in an Economics class asks you to write a non plagiarized term paper, plagiarism free essay, or a research paper due in three weeks, analyzing one of the economical problems persistent in your society nowadays. You can select any subject you want.

Suppose, you make a decision to choose “Great Depression” as the topic for your non plagiarized term paper. Researchers and scholars reported large number of older individuals in the United States who suffered from economical problems during early years of great depression, and the social problems that have been encountered as a result of staggering inflation, lower income, and debilitated health.

The topic can be organized and completed because your professor has limited the economical problem to the subject that of interest to a number of individuals, and the instructor is allowing three weeks to write the term paper or research paper.


If you decide not to use the help of any custom essay writing service, choose only one part or section of your topic to write your non plagiarized term paper.

HINT: Rethink the scope; almost any topic can be analyzed and written using different viewpoints. Analyze the topic background information to familiarize yourself with the specific language and theme terms and keywords used in your non plagiarized essay, term paper, or research paper. Quality non plagiarized term paper writing service will advice you to discover background information in some well known online sources such as:

  • Encyclopedia Americana
  • Encyclopedia Britannica

Also, you may find the needed information in special subject encyclopedias:

  • International Encyclopedia of the Economics
  • Encyclopedia of International Health
  • REMEMBER: using a non plagiarized term paper writing service may not be allowed by your university, hence be careful when selecting a custom essay writing service to write a non plagiarized term paper, essay, or article review for you.

Read the bibliographies provided after most encyclopedia entries–they will have a list of relevant scholarly sources (books, article reviews, academic journals) that can be used in writing your non plagiarized term paper (See Non Plagiarized Term Paper Writing Guide for further information)

As students go through background material on the selected subject, they must decide how to present and expand their non plagiarized term paper, dissertation coursework, or article review. It is important to decide if one wants to update the reader, research the topic, influence, show writing efforts, or present a solution in the given non plagiarized term paper, article review or essay.


STEP 2: Narrow the Theme into a Relevant Subject

When analyzing background data found in an online non plagiarized journal, begin with the index volume since a relevant topic is likely to be found under a title that varies from the topic you have chosen.

HINT: Use this option if selecting a reliable custom non plagiarized term paper writing service is not possible.

In the Encyclopedia Britannica, for example, the topic Great Depression may not be found under the heading GREAT DEPRESSION. The Great Depression, instead, falls under Economy or US History section. In reviewing the two titles, US History is the one providing the most inclusive analysis of the topic of Great Depression. In the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, it may be found in the Economy section of the US History. Any custom essay writing service expert will tell you that the possible Encyclopedia entries will look the following way:


After researching the articles in the on plagiarized academic journal or online books, some of the main terms which you may have discovered are: economic crisis– dignity—economic depression– living conditions –health problems– unemployment– FDR– isolation—social discrimination.

When writing your non plagiarized term paper, an example of the bibliography entry that followed the article on GREAT DEPRESSION in the Encyclopedia Britannica may appear like this:

Clement, Robins W. (2011), “Death and social injustice”, Journal of American Studies 4(5), 4-23.

After studying key information on the topic of GREAT DEPRESSION, the writer of the non plagiarized term paper, essay, research paper, or dissertation proposal may choose to narrow the topic to the questions of the social riots in the United States and provide possible solutions for some of these issues.


You have selected your theme and your subject–you have collected background data on it–and you have general idea of how you prefer to write and showcase your non plagiarized term paper, essay, or coursework. You must then create a point of view or a declaration of a theme. (This is referred to as a thesis and will be the central idea of your non plagiarized essay, term paper, plagiarism free article review, or dissertation)

While it is helpful at this beginning stage to create some sort of a thesis statement for your non plagiarized term paper, you may discover later as you start to read and re-evaluate your theme in greater details, that you prefer to rewrite your plagiarism free thesis statement. You can do this, BUT do not put off this essential task and write a statement of purpose (thesis statement) in the early stage to give yourself a clear direction for your non plagiarized term paper, coursework, book review, argumentative essay, argumentative paper, or article review.


STEP 3: Name the Objective

An introductory statement, which you could write for this non plagiarized term paper, article review, argumentative essay, or custom dissertation and which would offer some insight to the reader could be as follows:

The number of older individuals suffering from the aftermaths of the Great Depression in the United States has increased drastically during the first years of crisis. As a result, greater level of attention must have been paid to their problems and needs. Yet, there is ample evidence to illustrate that the elderly did not receive adequate or, often, any support from the government during the early years of Great Depression. Therefore, it is vital to analyze why most difficulties faced by the older people were not tackled upon by the authorities in an attempt to provide solutions for the future crisis.

HINT: our custom non plagiarized term paper writing service will help you write a strong thesis statement that you will be able to use in your paper.


A bibliography usually refers to the list of sources use in your non plagiarized term paper, plagiarism free essay, argumentative essay, or dissertation (i.e. Google books, article reviews, scholarly articles, book reports, and other online sources) that relate to a specific theme, subject field, or event. A bibliographic entry, as a rule, contains the researcher’s name, date, title of the given work, information relating to the publisher, place of printing, academic journal title. Not to be accused of plagiarism and present a strong piece of non plagiarized term paper writing, we advice to create an opening bibliography for the following reasons:

(1) it will aid you to find and organize all, or most of, the data and sources you required for the non plagiarized term paper, admission essay, scholarship essay, personal statement, case study, article review;
(2) it will help you understand how many sources you are able to find on the chosen topic;
(3) the sources you assemble may be used to write your final bibliography without the need to check sources again of your plagiarism free essay or argumentative paper.

Not all the sources you collect in your opening bibliography will be used for the final draft of your non plagiarized term paper, book report, dissertation proposal or article review–some have to be discarded. Nevertheless, you will be perfectly aware what information you have at hand, and where the useful information can be found to write a quality custom non plagiarized term paper. It is advised to use the following types of custom online resources to gather data on the needed topic:

  • Bibliographies that follow encyclopedia entries
  • Google books
  • Selected subject indexes for printed articles, online newspapers (e.g. WSJ)
  • Use the help of a trusted custom non plagiarized term paper writing service OR as your professor to name you other ways of gathering information and how to use them.

An optional method for writing an opening bibliography is to write down each source on a 3 x 5 special card. (When writing your non plagiarized term paper, plagiarism free essay, book report, argumentative essay or article review, cards are preferred over an electronic entries in Word because cards can be easily organized as required and then reorganized in the same order you are gong to use them when writing the non plagiarized term paper, research paper, or essay.)

HINT: buy custom essay online OR prepare an individual card for each newspaper or Google book you believe will be helpful when working on your custom non plagiarized term paper piece of writing.


STEP 4: Create an Opening Bibliography

Below are two entries that were taken from the bibliographies subsequent to articles in Encyclopedia Britannica and International Encyclopedia of Economics:

James, H. J. (2008). Can USA Afford to Get Older? Paying for Privilege of the Elderly? New York: Random House.

Murlow, I. (2011). “Housing for the Elderly and Social Security”, US Journal of Economics 1(2), 85-91.